Bee In The Bonnet – DNA Inc. Students Short Film

Cruising along a highway, Bob’s Cadillac grinds to an abrupt halt. A corpulent guy, he tumbles out of the car and opens the bonnet to suss out the glitch but is surprised that everything’s in order. He gets behind the wheel to resume his journey but, adamantly, the car won’t budge and the bonnet plonks open on its own volition.

Eerily, the bonnet starts playing “You shut-I open” with Bob many times over until he discovers the mischief-monger – a bee in the bonnet. The bee gives Bob a hard time as it stings, boos and evades him. After draining Bob of his patience and driving him mad, the bee finally flies away. An exasperated Bob watches helplessly.

Animators: Rajukumar Koppu, Praveen Kenguri, Mohammed Jaleel, Subbarami Reddy Yeruva, Sudhakar Perugu

Modeling & Texturing: Anshumali Shukla, Venkataswamy Akkala, Raghavendra Thatiparthi, Karthik Myadarapu

Rigging: Rajendra Prasad Soma

Lighting: Praveen Kumar Reddy, Mallesh Goud Mothkuri, Sri Kiran Aratakatla, Dinesh Lakkampalli, Harish Pola, Ravi Kumar Palabindela, Rakesh Vemula, Sumalatha Mante, Karthik Myadarapu

Compositing: Srinivas Goud Rodda, Naveen Kumar Manchikatla, Viswanatham Jakkoju, Srikanth Reddy Jakka, Jagadeesh Rangaiah Sunku, Sameer Kumar Yadav Yellala, Nagaraju Duppallapalli, Srinivas reddy Vontela

Fx: Mallesh Goud Mothkuri
Story: P.S.Shankar
Music Director: B Vinod Babu
Director: Gyan Chiluveru

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