Fuel Duel – Animation Short Film


  • Special Jury Award in the Asian Panorama Category at the 16th International   Children’s Film Festival, Hyderabad – November 2009
  • 1st prize in Animation category, Gateway Awards, Anna University, Chennai, India –   September 2009
  • “Best animation film” award at IAD 09 organized by ‘ASIFA India’ – Hyderabad
    region, Nov. 2009


  • CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife Film Festival, New Delhi, India – October
  • AAROHI Film Festival, Mumbai, India – April 2009
  • Kolkatha09 Awards, TASK, Kolkata, India – February 2009

The Film:
Man has been using up fuel at such an alarming rate that we could soon run out of gas on planet earth. Fuel Duel is an animation short film that brings up the ongoing clash of interests between the various fuel sources available to mankind and even suggests a humorous return to natural vehicles as a means of extending our existence on earth-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

Creative Team:
Bhuvan Chandra, Jagdish B., M.S. Arush, Arun K.

For more details visit, www.fuelduel.net

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