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Good students. Outstanding Human Beings!

Dilsukhanagar Arena wins “Excellent Performance Award for Blood Donation and Motivation”

In tribute to the students, staff and well-wishers who turned up in large numbers to participate in the blood donation camps organized by Dilsukhnagar Arena, this famed Digital Media Education Academy was bestowed with the “Excellent Performance Award for Blood Donation and Motivation”.

Rajasekhar Buggaveeti receiving the Award from Governor Shri. Narasimhan

Rajasekhar Buggaveeti receiving the Award from Governor Shri. Narasimhan

On behalf of his students and staff,Rajasekhar Buggaveeti, CEO of Dilsukhnagar Arena accepted the award from the Honourable Governor of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states in the presence of The President of AP Red Cross Society. The awards included a memento and a cup.

Thanking his students for their special service to humanity and their invaluable role in saving lives,Rajasekhar Buggaveeti said that their act of generosity will inspire many more people to come forward and contribute to such noble causes. In continuation to its unwavering commitment to its corporate social responsibility, Dilsukhnagar Arena is all set to conduct another Blood Donation Camp shortly at its global-standard campus.

Creative Multimedia Services Pvt. Ltd. is widely reputed as a game changer in the digital media education industry with its innovative mentoring and recruiter-driven training initiatives. The famed institution better known as Dilsukhnagar Arena has groomed thousands of students over the past 16 years and creating winning careers for them in the Animation, VFX, Web and Graphic Design space.


A celebration of technical excellence and the spirit of creative Animation, ‘Feel the punch’, Dilsukhnagar Arena’s enthralling High-Definition 3D Animation short film achieved a record-cracking 4 lakh clicks for its video uploaded on the internet’s most popular video-sharing website, ‘You Tube’. The record assumes immense importance, considering the fact that no Indian 3D Animation short film has even managed to cross 1 lakh clicks till date, on You Tube.

The film also dominated Animation festivals across India, winning four prestigious awards including the coveted TASI Viewer’s Choice Award at Anifest India-2010. The other awards for ‘Feel the punch’ include, The Best Film award at the “24 FPS Animation Awards-2010”, Special Jury Award at Asifa’s International Animation Day celebrations, Awards of Excellence-2010 and a Special Jury Award at the Short and Documentary Film Festival of Hyderabad-2010. The film recently won a nomination at another important film festival and is well-placed to top-up it awards bouquet with another prized trophy.

Crafted by 20 budding students at Dilsukhnagar Arena, India’s most-sought after Animation, VFX and Web education facility, ‘Feel the punch’ is a shining testimony to the far-reaching impact of world-class Animation education.

The film is all set to register 5 lakh clicks on You Tube.

Arena Animation International Program (AAIP)

Arena Animation International Program is aimed at training students in the latest industry-relevant courses and advanced technical educational tools. Arena’s intensive course curriculum and experiential training is designed to give every student the competitive edge in the world of animation. The objective of this program is to produce full fledged animation professionals who are completely at ease with their skills and can confidently create a rewarding career for themselves.

Throughout the course, the students will contribute to developing their own full fledged portfolio comprising a presentable collection of their work related to each semester. The portfolio is a requirement for successful completion of the final Arena Animation International Program (AAIP). At the end of the program, the student shall walk out as a well trained, professional animator.

AAIP is the ideal Animation training program for these aspiring animators:
• 10+2 students
• Fine Arts, Commerce, Science or Arts students
• Students with a creative bent of mind
• Students with a passion for design and animation

Salient Features of AAIP 2010
• Complete Animation Career Program featuring an Industry-relevant curriculum
• Laddered learning – learn animation in the increasing order of complexity
• Upgraded versions of software’s like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Indesign, Sound Forge, Adobe Premier, Adobe Flash, Action Script, 3D Max, V-Ray, Adobe After Effects, Maya and Z Brush.
• Concept-based modules such as Design & Visualization Fundamentals, Graphics & Illustration Fundamentals, Concepts of advertising, Anatomy Study, Concepts of 2D Animation, Clay Motion, 3D Basics, etc.
• Specialization & Portfolio Demo Reel in the area of interest
• E-Projects, Workshops and Industry visits at regular intervals

Design Suite

Overview & Objective: This semester lays the foundation for learning design, sketching and graphics skills.

Learning Outcomes: This semester will include the following topics:

• Basics of computers, multimedia, and the Internet
• Fundamentals of graphics and illustrations and design and visualization
• Creating illustrations and repurpose them in Photoshop
• Concepts of advertising and media publishing


• Fundamentals of Computer, Multimedia and Internet 3
• Design and Visualization Fundamentals 2
• Graphics & Illustration Fundamentals 1
• Creating Illustrations – I 12
• Creating Illustrations- II 8
• mage Magic 20
• Concepts of advertising 2
• Media Publishing 4
• Print Portfolio 1

Software’s Taught:

• Adobe Illustrator CS4
• CorelDRAW X4
• Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
• Adobe Indesign CS 4

2D Design & Animation Suite

Overview & Objective: This semester enhances skills in anatomy study, storyboarding, 2D animation, and audio-video editing-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

Learning Outcomes: This semester will include the following topics:           • Concepts of human anatomy
• Working with audio and video – streaming and editing
• Concepts of 2D animation and graphics with Flash
• Introduction to the Principles of Animation
• Scripting in Flash


• Anatomy Study
• Working with Audio
• Video Streaming and Editing
• Concepts of 2D Animation
• 2D Graphics and Animation with Flash
• Principles of Animation using Flash
• Flash Scripting
• 2D Animation Portfolio (Case Study)

Software’s Taught:

• Sound Forge 9
• Adobe Premier Pro CS 4
• Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
• Action Script 3.0

3D Animation Suite

Overview & Objective: This semester covers 3D animation and special effects.

Learning Outcomes: This semester will include the following topics:
• Stop motion animation techniques – Clay mation
• Basics of 3D – from modeling with 3D to animation
• Use of lights, camera, and materials in an animation using Ma
• Use of 3D motion graphics and FX in Max
• Concepts of rendering with V-ray and digital FX
• Clay Mation -A Stop Motion Animation techniques
• 3D Basics – Modeling to Animation
• Modeling with 3D
• Lights, Camera and Materials
• 3D Motion Graphics and Fx
• Rendering with V-Ray
• Digital Fx
• 3D Animation / Architectural Visualization Portfolio (Case Study)

Software’s Taught:

• Stop Motion Pro / Monkey Jump
• 3ds Max 2010
• V-Ray
• Adobe After Effects CS4 Professional

Advanced 3D Animation and Portfolio Development

Overview & Objective: This semester covers advanced 3D animation techniques with specialization in the area of interest and portfolio development-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

Learning Outcomes: This semester will include the following topics:
• Modeling with Zbrush
• Modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, and rigging with Maya
• Character animation, paint effects and dynamics
• Introduction to the realistic features, match moving and camera tracking


• Modeling with Maya
• Modeling with Zbrush
• Texturing with Maya
• Lighting and rendering with Maya
• Rigging with MAYA
• Character Animation with Maya
• Paint Effects and Dynamics using Maya
• Realistic Features with Maya
• Match moving and Camera Tracking
• Specialisation (Choose 1 elective)
(1) Modelling & Texturing
(2) Lighting & Rendering
(3) Rigging & Animation
• Portfolio Demo Reel
• Orientation to Creative Test

Software’s Taught:

• MAYA Unlimited 2010
• Z brush

Dilsukhnagar Arena Alumnus Bags CGTantra Modeling Contest