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It’s raining awards for ‘Feel the punch’: a humorous 3D Animation short from Dilsukhnagar Arena

4 prestigious awards so far and there’s no stopping ‘Feel the punch’. A tummy-tickling Animation short film featuring brilliantly designed characters, ‘Feel the punch’ continued its winning streak at the awards circuit to capture its 5th award: ‘Best Animated Movie’ at a glittering awards function held on the 26th of February, 2011 at Chennai.

‘Feel the punch’ was conceptualized and created in just 70 days by a team of 22 students from Dilsukhnagar Arena using Maya 2009, Foundry Nuke and Photoshop in a real-time environment and under the able guidance of industry-experienced mentors. The students had the privilege of working on production-class technologies and access to the best library that any Animation training facility in India can boast of–Dilsukhnagar Arena.

With over 12 years of proven experience in grooming industry-ready Animation, VFX and Web Artists, Dilsukhnagar Arena is widely acknowledged as the choice destination for students across India who wish to pursue a rewarding career in the digital media industry. The influential Animation training at Dilsukhnagar Arena enriched with a steady stream of pioneering value-additions ensures that students are well-grounded in the craft and are fully prepared for their careers in the industry.

Dilsukhnagar Arena participated in the 2009 edition of the Gateway Awards Festival, and captured the top honour in the Animation category for its 2D Animation short film ‘FUEL DUEL’ apart from winning prestigious nominations for its 2D Animation short films ‘A GARDEN DREAM’ and ‘THE FARMER AND HIS GOAT’. The award for ‘Feel the punch’ this year at Gateway underlined Dilsukhnagar Arena’s extended success at this prestigious national-level festival-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

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UNSTOPPABLE! Dilsukhnagar Arena resumes its award-winning journey

Dilsukhnagar Arena is on a roll. And there’s no stopping it, given the flurry of back-to-back, multiple awards it has been winning at prominent Animation festivals across the country over the past two years.

The SPECIAL JURY AWARD for Dilsukhnagar Arena’s High Definition 3D Animation Short Film Feel The Punch in the student animation films category at the 10th edition of Asifa India ’s International Animation Day celebrations underlines its reputation as India ’s preferred destination for top-notch Animation, VFX and Web training.

ASIFA India’s International Animation Day (IAD) – an annual global celebration endeavoring to recognize budding talent in the art and technology of animation, kicked off celebrations for its 10th edition on the 28th of October, 2010 at Shilpakala Vedika, HITEC city, Hyderabad.

This year’s celebrations, IAD 10 in India was celebrated at various locations throughout the country between October 24 and November 8, 2010. The festival kicked-off at Hyderabad and then moved to Pune, Indore, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Calicut and finally Kochi-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

"Special Jury Award"

“Special Jury Award” at the AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE held as part of Asifa India’s IAD Celebrations-2010.

A nomination for excellence!

‘Feel the punch’, an immensely popular 3-minute rom-com was nominated for the ‘Awards of Excellence’ in the ‘Students Category’ at Asifa India’s International Animation Day celebrations-2010 in Hyderabad and emerged a strong contender for the ‘Best Film Award’. Feel the punch is a High-Definition 3D Animation short film crafted by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena.

The film has the unique distinction of being India ’s first Animation short film to cross 1 lakh hits on You Tube a few days ago. The film has now shot past 1, 35,000 hits and is racing towards the 2 lakh mark – a new high for any Indian Animation short film till date on You Tube. This exceptionally popular short which has already bagged two prestigious awards – the Tasi Viewer’s Choice Award at Anifest India-2010 and the Best Animation Film Award at the Short and Documentary Film Festival of Hyderabad-2010 can be viewed at this link:

ASIFA India’s International Animation Day (IAD) – an annual global celebration endeavoring to recognize budding talent in the art and technology of animation, kicked off celebrations for its 10th edition on the 28th of October, 2010 at Shilpa Kala Vedika, HITEC city, Hyderabad .-


This year’s celebrations, IAD 10, in India is being celebrated at various locations throughout the country between October 24 and November 8, 2010. After Hyderabad, the festival moved to Pune on 26th Oct,  Indore on 28th Oct and is now heading to Bengaluru on 29th Oct, Mumbai on 31st Oct and then to Chennai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Calicut and finally Kochi-

Hugo Vs Lino: an award-winning battle from Dilsukhnagar Arena

Hugo Vs Lino – the sci-fi, action short from Dilsukhnagar Arena hoisted the ‘v’ sign as it captured the ‘Best Animation Film’ at ‘THE NATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL-TEN MINUTES TO FAME’ organized by IMT Nagpur in association with Ten Motion Arts and Cyrus Dastur’s Shamiana on 15th and 16th October, 2010.

Hugo Vs Lino is a High-Definition 3D Animation short film created by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena. Featuring high technical values, this sci-fi action film dwells on a man-cyborg duel. A team of 25 budding animators slogged tirelessly through the production-pipeline to wrap up the project in 60 days-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

All entries for the awards at the festival were viewed by a preview committee and selection was completed by October 12, 2010. The top 20 films were screened on 15th and 16th of October 2010 to the judging committee and a packed audience in the theatre of IMT Nagpur after which Hugo Vs Lino was declared the winner in the Animation category.

The award acknowledges the creative brilliance and professional craftsmanship that the young team of students at Dilsukhnagar Arena demonstrated through the film. The ‘Best Animation Film’ Award for Hugo Vs Lino comes with a cash prize, a citation and a very special honour: Hugo Vs Lino will be screened in theatres of Shamiana’s chapters across India at Mumbai, Pune, Delhi , Ahmedabad, Baroda and Goa .

It’s raining Animation awards at Dilsukhnagar Arena

“Hugo vs Lino” and “Feel the punch” shine bright

On Septemebr 28, the final day of the 4-day Short & Documentary Film Festival of Hyderabad-2010 held at Ravindra Bharathi in Hyderabad, Dilsukhnagar Arena emerged victorious with two prestigious awards for its Animation films – Best Animation Film Award for “Hugo vs Lino” and Special Jury Award for “Feel the Punch”:  both are High-Definition 3D Animation Short Films crafted by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

While this is the first award for “Hugo vs Lino”, the film “Feel the punch” already has a very prestigious award to its credit-The TASI Viewer’s Choice Award at India ’s biggest International Film Festival – Anifest India-2010. Two other student short films from Dilsukhnagar Arena were honoured with special screenings at the Short & Documentary Film Festival of Hyderabad-2010 organized by Hyderabad Film Club.

Veterans of the Telugu film industry Dr. D.Ramanaidu, Mrs. Jayasudha & Comedian AVS and the FDC Chairman Mr. Parthasaradhi gave away the awards to the winners.

The Hyderabad Film Club with the support of Andhra Pradesh State Film, Television & Theatre Development Corporation organized the Short & Documentary Film Festival of Hyderabad-2010 from September 24 to 28 at Hyderabad. The festival aims to map and reflect the exploding nature of the medium in its many facets of creativity and resistance. SDFFH-2010 attracted scores of entries across categories from film enthusiasts all over India .

Not less than 100 good short films and documentaries were screened at the festival and also some best foreign short and documentary films were also shown as part of the festival which turned out to be the favorite event of film lovers of Hyderabad . Apart from inaugural and valedictory, many other exciting events were organized throughout the festival. Discussion forum and interviews with directors were organized-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

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Dilsukhnagar Arena shines bright at the 6th edition of Anifest India.

 “Feel the punch” bags the coveted TVCA award.

“Feel the punch”, a hilarious 3D Animation short film crafted in High-Definition by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena bagged the prestigious TASI Viewer’s Choice Award (TVCA)-2010 in the “Student Films Category” pipping 10 Indian films and 5 foreign films to the post. A truly prestigious honour at India ’s biggest International Animation festival-Anifest India. Earlier on, the film won a TVCA nomination along with 14 other Animation short films in the Student Films Category and emerged a strong contender for the top honour.

Dilsukhnagar Arena sure made its presence felt at the 6th edition of Anifest India with this coveted recognition. The TVCA-2010 Award in the student films category is testimony to the rewarding culture of excellence that Dilsukhnagar Arena has been fostering in every dimension of Animation and VFX education every since inception.

Dilsukhnagar Arena emerged victorious at the previous edition (Anifest India-2009) too, by claiming the TVCA Award for the 2D Animation short film “Dolly and Me” in the “Faculty Films Category”-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti


Bee In The Bonnet – DNA Inc. Students Short Film

Cruising along a highway, Bob’s Cadillac grinds to an abrupt halt. A corpulent guy, he tumbles out of the car and opens the bonnet to suss out the glitch but is surprised that everything’s in order. He gets behind the wheel to resume his journey but, adamantly, the car won’t budge and the bonnet plonks open on its own volition.

Eerily, the bonnet starts playing “You shut-I open” with Bob many times over until he discovers the mischief-monger – a bee in the bonnet. The bee gives Bob a hard time as it stings, boos and evades him. After draining Bob of his patience and driving him mad, the bee finally flies away. An exasperated Bob watches helplessly.

Animators: Rajukumar Koppu, Praveen Kenguri, Mohammed Jaleel, Subbarami Reddy Yeruva, Sudhakar Perugu

Modeling & Texturing: Anshumali Shukla, Venkataswamy Akkala, Raghavendra Thatiparthi, Karthik Myadarapu

Rigging: Rajendra Prasad Soma

Lighting: Praveen Kumar Reddy, Mallesh Goud Mothkuri, Sri Kiran Aratakatla, Dinesh Lakkampalli, Harish Pola, Ravi Kumar Palabindela, Rakesh Vemula, Sumalatha Mante, Karthik Myadarapu

Compositing: Srinivas Goud Rodda, Naveen Kumar Manchikatla, Viswanatham Jakkoju, Srikanth Reddy Jakka, Jagadeesh Rangaiah Sunku, Sameer Kumar Yadav Yellala, Nagaraju Duppallapalli, Srinivas reddy Vontela

Fx: Mallesh Goud Mothkuri
Story: P.S.Shankar
Music Director: B Vinod Babu
Director: Gyan Chiluveru

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